College Counselors Client Testimonials

My College Resource has assisted an entire generation of students on their college journeys over the last two decades.  We are forever grateful for many life-long relationships we've built!


My daughter (is) in the Class of 2020. You set her on the right path, gave her confidence, and helped her see herself in a new light.  Plus, your recommendation of her for the HOBY experience was incredibly generous.

- Camille Cline
Mother of 2 Pine View School for the Gifted students
Former PVA President & Current PVA Board Member.

As the parent of a student we found BestFitU extremely beneficial for our Junior.  For a small amount of money our son took the survey and found the results to be extremely comprehensive.  Deciding a career path is daunting at any age and BestFitU provided a summary of results that helped our son connect the dots for his anticipated college curriculum.   I would highly recommend the program.  The investment of time and money on a 2-4 year college curriculum is significant, a little science along the way to further ensure long term success is a no brainer!

- Larry Chatt, Parent

Debra Landesberg, the owner of My College Resource, is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful consultant to help prepare students for college admissions. She gave an exceptional presentation to our high school students, providing them valuable information and ideas to prepare them for the college of their dreams. Parents have provided exceptional feedback of how wonderful and useful the presentation was for them. Ms. Landesberg has also provided me as a Guidance Counselor useful information, support and resources to help my students with college and career planning. I highly recommend Debra Landesberg and My College Resource to help students discover and plan for their college success!

- Phyllis H., Guidance Counselor

Debra, Thanks so much for your excellent help with my daughter. You are fantastic in your knowledge of every aspect of the admissions process and detailed understanding of the approach and emphasis of every school. The specific data you have was superior to anything I was able to research on my own. Both your expertise and the confidence and calm you instilled in us were were so important. My daughter is thrilled that she was able to be admitted to each of her leading choices with your help! Thank you so much!!
- Scott, Parent

Thank you so much for the assistance that you have done for me during my college application process. You were the best! You really helped lift a huge weight off of my shoulders. Getting all of the applications done in one weekend was genius! It was well worth all the time and effort. Your one-on-one help with my essay and resume truly made my application excellent, allowing me to get into the school I wanted.
- Catie D., Student
What a great relief to know Mrs. Landesberg would guide both of our children to a successful high school college transition. Her expertise is essential to such an important decision. Thank you!!
-Vicki E., Parent