Sophomore College Prep

Sophomore Year:

Keep evaluating and increasing the rigor of your courses. This will show colleges how prepared you are to be successful when you arrive on their campuses. Remember, it is important to maintain balance; many colleges take a holistic view to admissions so leave room to explore your interests.

Now that you’ve been in high school for a year, it is time to start developing your resume. List your activities, volunteer projects, clubs, athletics, awards, summer activities and any other involvement. Take time to write about these experiences.

As a sophomore, you do not need to feel pressured to start testing. Take advantage of opportunities to take/retake the PSAT and/or Pre-ACT.  If you have completed Algebra 2, you can consider registering for the June SAT.  If you want to start with free test prep options include Khan Academy and ACT Academy.

Other considerations for Sophomores:

  • Attend BestFitU - a My College Resource Summer Program

  • College Visits and Search

    • Visit any campuses you can

    • Check out: Campus Reel, YouVisit 

    • Demonstrate Interest and Engage with the admissions representative

Next step: Junior year

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