Year-By-Year Check List
My College Resource wants to see every student achieve their academic goals.  Make use of our expertise and experience to aid your college journey!  Click here to view more about MCR.

Whether you become a full MCR client, or not, make use of the following checklist for High School seniors:

High School Seniors
  • Continue rigorous curriculum, possibly extending to local college
  • Apply for college EARLY in the fall, prior to Nov 1 
  • Apply Early Action whenever possible (different from Early Decision)
  • Meet college reps through local visits, social media, email
  • Seek out scholarships
  • Follow up on the receipt of application, transcript, test scores at each individual college
  • Spring- complete the FAFSA
  • Attend “Accepted Student” events
  • Send your deposit and final transcript to your chosen college!
All High School Grades
  • Further develop a skill or talent
  • Explore an area of interest
  • Give back to the community
  • Engage in summer enrichment
  • Prepare for SAT and ACT tests
  • Discover college options