Junior Year College Prep

Junior Year:

Commonly understood to be the most important year in high school; rightfully so! During junior year continue challenging yourself with courses that will prepare you for future college success. Regularly update your resume with all honors and activities and plan for summer programs, part-time jobs or leadership opportunities. Keep notes where you can reflect on your time in high school. Consider what makes you unique; there is likely a great college essay here! Once your junior year exams have wrapped up, it will soon be time to brainstorm and write your college essay.

Junior year is the time to develop and finalize the list of colleges to which you will apply. Make sure Taking college visits to these schools is the best way to determine if the school belongs on your best fit college list.

Other considerations for Juniors:

  • Attend BestFitU - a My College Resource Summer Program

  • College Visits and Search

    • Visit any campuses you can

    • Check out: Campus Reel, YouVisit 

    • Demonstrate Interest and Engage with the admissions representative

General Test Planning

  • Option 1: Try to take the SAT and/or ACT in Fall of Junior Year

  • Option 2:  If Algebra 2 is in progress, test in the Spring for both SAT and ACT

  • Option 3:  To review and customize test dates for your student - contact us

  • Free test prep options include ACT Academy and Khan Academy.

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