College Prep For Ninth Grade

It is important to work hard in your classes and evaluate whether they are the proper rigor for you. To do this, ask yourself: are my classes preparing me to be successful in college? My College Resource works closely with students to ensure their courses are challenging while maintaining a balanced high school experience.

High Schools offer many activities, clubs, volunteer opportunities and athletic teams. Consider which organizations you might be interested in joining. Start a list and develop a resume complete with your involvement, awards you receive, summer activities and hobbies.

Even though you are now in high school, do not feel pressured to start testing. Take advantage of opportunities to take/retake the PSAT and/or Pre-ACT.  If you want to start preparing for these tests, free test prep options include Khan Academy and ACT Academy.

Other considerations for Freshmen:

  • Personal Interest Assessment

    • My College Resource guides your student to analyze and interpret their personality and interest results

  • College Visits and Search

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