Eighth Grade

College preparation starts as early as the eighth grade

8th Grade: 

Your college journey is just beginning! As you finish your time in 8th grade you’ll need to register for your high school classes. Consider what type of student you want to be and what rigor of courses is best for you. Work hard in your math and English classes to establish a good foundation. While the SAT and ACT are still a few years away, take the PSAT and/or Pre-ACT if you have the chance. Other points to consider: developing your interests, skills and talents by thinking about what you will add to the local community and new school!

It is never too early to start looking at colleges. Visit any college campuses you can to start learning what you like, even if you do not end up applying some day. You can also take advantage of virtual tours through Campus Reel and YouVisit . If you find a college you really like, subscribe to their admissions updates online! This is the first step towards demonstrating interest.

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