Build Your Own Workshop

Application Workshops are for Seniors eager to position themselves ahead of the curve.
Gather your friends and finish your college applications! Build your own application workshop on the dates that work best for you. Workshops provide a small group format with one-to-one guidance.

    • 1/2 Day 
    • Full Day
    • Two Days

    Group Size:

    Minimum Student: 4
    Maximum Student: 10

    Possible Topics/Sections: 
    • Common Application/Universal Application
    • Florida state universities applications
    • Brainstorm, write, and finalize 1-2 Essays
    • Organize accomplishments and activities for an effective resume

    For pricing, scheduling and details, please contact Mrs. Landesberg at 813-230-8992 or

    Testimonials from College Application Workshop

    “After completing the Workshop I feel fully confident for my senior year applications and essays. It took a big weight off my shoulders. And I got to interact with other college seeking students in the process. An overall great experience I would recommend to any senior!

    “I got a lot out of these two days, I now have a better understanding of how college admissio
    ns work and how to better my writing skills. Thank you so much! You did a great job teaching all of us and you and Amanda did a great job helping everyone and did a great job having 1 on 1 time. Thanks!”
    “After completing 'Application Workshop', I felt a big weight lifted off of me. I was able to finish my college resume and applications. I would definitely recommend this experience to any senior.”
    “You don’t realize how much time and concentration college applications, and having Mrs. L and Amanda help you do it all in 2 days is extremely helpful.”

    “This course has really helped me perfect all of the information for me essay and college resume. Without this course I would have been totally lost. Very helpful if you need any sort of help with your applications. I feel ahead of the curve.”