About MCR

Meet Debra Landesberg, M.S.

President, College and Secondary Education Counselor

Debra is the President of My College Resource and has a Master of Science in Continuing Education/Counseling and a Certificate in College Counseling.  Through her work with MCR and Florida high schools, she uses her expertise to provide information on financial aid, scholarships, college essays, resumes and more!  The search for the “best fit” college to match individual needs, talents, and goals is her specialty. Regionally and nationally recognized as the National Association of College Admission Counselor “Rising Star,” Debra regularly conducts seminars to educate students and families on the journey to college. In 2012-15, Debra served on the board of the Southern Association of College Admission Counseling and in 2013 was named Government Relations Chair followed by the “President’s Award of Excellence” in 2017. In 2015-16, additional board association service includes the Higher Education Consultants Association as Director of Standards and Ethics and the update and revisions to the HECA Ethics & Standards of Good Practice for independent educational consultant members.
Ongoing professional development includes certification in college counseling, conferences, workshops, webinars and membership in professional organizations for independent education consultants. Debra presents on multiple college admissions topics nationally, regionally, and locally. With almost 20 years working in both the public school system and private practice, she has helped students and their families navigate all steps of the multifaceted college application process, including high school course selection and activities. The priority of community involvement is demonstrated through public presentations, organizations serving youth, and the willingness to service families regardless of financial ability. Debra has guided more than 3000 students through the search, preparation, application, and financial aid processes for colleges and universities throughout the state and around the country. This is Debra's full time job as well as her passion. She has devoted herself to guiding students and families to a fulfilling college application experience. She does this by helping students put together their best first impression and encouraging them to discover and pursue involvement in their own interests and passions. Creation of an activities resume quickly identifies interests and unique traits to build college essays that reveal the unique pulse of the student. Understanding the required path and various options are explored through examination of course selection, test schedules, and extracurricular activities. Through her work with My College Resource and Florida high schools, Debra uses her expertise to provide information on finding the “best fit” college, financial aid, scholarships, college essays, resumes, and more. This objective is accomplished through careful development of personal essays, detailed resumes, financial consideration, test preparation, and a targeted college list in order to yield successful results. The united goal of moving through the college process with minimal stress while maintaining a well-paced and comfortable progression becomes a rewarding experience for the student and family.
Debra Landesberg helps students prepare for post-secondary education by offering step-by-step guidance on preparation for college and the application process. By customizing guidance for each individual, the mystery and stress is taken out of the college selection process.

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Meet Maria Pickett, M.S.

Associate Counselor

Maria has always enjoyed working with students to help them discover and realize their academic and personal potential. After graduating from Rice University in 2013, she spent two years working with high school seniors, providing professional training for internships and guiding them through the entire college application process. Maria has worked with My College Resource since the summer of 2016. During that time, she earned a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She lives in Houston, but loves meeting with the MCR resource team and families over video chat! Maria has training as a career counselor and uses these skills in working with students on their resume and interviews. She has also attended workshops on letters of recommendation and, most recently, a workshop hosted by a global leader in college essay writing. Her training in college applications and in guiding adolescents understand themselves better help Maria achieve a productive relationship with MCR students. 

Meet Julie Russo

Administrative Manager

Julie Russo moved to Florida seventeen years ago from NY and has been a part of MCR for over two years!  She holds a B.A in Psychology with a minor in Business from State University of New York at Albany and also holds a paralegal degree.  She is Accounts Receivable Coordinator for a local college. Serving as Account Manager for My College Resource, Julie sets up new client files, conducts intake, and oversees client invoicing.

Meet Susan Ledbetter, M.Ed.

College Counselor

A lifelong educator, Susie’s work as a college counselor for many years at a private, independent school enables her to bring expansive knowledge, experience based on practiced success, and the commitment, sensitivity and confidentiality to work in support of each student’s and family’s particular set of parameters. She holds a B.A. from Principia College and an M.Ed. from Florida Atlantic University.

954-275-8900 SLedbetter@MyCollegeResource.net

A Special Note: In Memoriam

Debra will always be grateful for mentorship, philosophy and industry training, by Mrs. Margaret Gandy (d. 2010) of College Guidepost, Tampa, and Hillsborough County fame. Mrs. Gandy will be remembered as a guru and legend amongst college professionals, and the woman who made a difference in the lives of students. Please click here to read more about Mrs. Gandy.