Class of 2021 Checklist

These are final requirements for the completion of your college applications:

Create applicant portal 
  • After you have submitted your application you will receive an email from the college to create your applicant portal. Do this as soon as possible and monitor it closely. This is how you can monitor items still needed to complete your application and where you’ll log in to receive your admissions decisions. 
Complete the SSAR for FAMU, FAU, FGCU, Florida Polytechnic, FSU, New College, UF, and UNF. Complete the SPARK through your applicant portal if you have applied to UCF. 
Check your Common App account that your school report (and letters of recommendation) are uploaded.
  • There is no action item for you to complete here. This is the job of your school counselor or school based college counselor. 
  • While there is no action for you to take you need to check your Common App portal to ensure that this item has been completed by your school.
  • If your school uses Naviance or another application management tool, confirm through this platform that school report and all required/optional letters of recommendation have been submitted.
Check that LORs have been submitted (see note above)
  • Be sure to thank and/or remind recommenders, if applicable
If applicable, send official test scores from SAT/ACT
  • Students applying to public colleges and universities in Florida, this means you!
  • Log in to your College Board or ACT account to send your scores.
If still testing: 
  • Indicate this on your application
  • When scores come out that you are happy with complete the following steps:
    • SEND an official copy to the college(s) you are applying to.
    • Download a PDF of your score report.
    • Email the screenshot to YOUR admissions counselor with a note sharing with them that you have new scores you’d like to include in your application and that you have also ordered an official score report be sent to them.
    • IMPORTANT STEP: Also CC the general admissions email address on this email to help with processing. 
Keep a close eye on applicant portals until all components register that they have been received by the college.
If you are applying to private institutions, ENGAGE
  • Attend virtual events the college is providing.
  • Email your admissions counselor or request a Zoom meeting if you have questions.
  • Ask if there is a current student in your major or area of interest to connect with for further information about the college.
  • Talk with your school or college counselor to be connected with a high school alum.
  • See if the school has a blog or student newspaper to keep up-to-date on current events. Something you learn could be a good opportunity to connect with your admissions counselor again and show them you are paying attention! 
If an interview option exists, take it! Contact us for prep.
Watch your email for updates from the colleges you have applied to. This may include:
  • Admissions decisions
  • Missing documents
  • Exciting news or updates
  • Next steps
Now, is time to start scholarship search and apps (provide directions)
REMINDERS: Let us know when you hear!! We can’t wait to celebrate with you. Our team continues to be available for consultation - including evaluating financial aid packages and selecting a college to attend. Use the Client Portal on our website, enter the password MCR2012! (note the exclamation mark) and schedule your appointment as needed.